Fourteen years supporting the scene

LA Riot Survivor Records celebrates 14 years in business with the launch of a new website The website features the catalogue of albums released and concerts organised by the label, plus the previously unreleased video “Perversion 99 Live at Anthems of Steel France” and news about the upcoming Dusk EP, masters of the Pakistan metal scene, influential Asian band led by Babar Sheikh. Both releases will be enjoyable online for free.
Ten years supporting the scene

The Label has been established in Rome Italy by the singer and producer Anthony Drago historical frontman of metal bands like Kaledon, the Raff and Fingernails and composer of soundtracks for movies and theatre. Drago had collaborations with Larry Dunn, Fabio Liberatori, Beppe Cantarelli, Carlo Verdone, Carlo Vanzina, Gaetano Curreri, Iceone, Eric Daniel, Ugo Gregoretti and Giangiacomo Ladisa. He shared stage with Dio, Paul Dianno, Uriah Heep, Marduk, Misfits, Vader, Strana Officina, Raw Power, Bulldozer and many more. The label has been named after his life experience as witness of the Los Angeles Riots of 1992. Some of the artists who have worked live or in studio with LA Riot Survivor Records are: Sister Whiskey, Dark Quarterer, Abigail, Deathhammer, Hobbs Angel of Death, Destruction, Wild Dogs, Fingernails, Evil Invaders, Villains, Spidkilz, Stone Cold Black and many more. On March 2015 LA Riot Survivor Records opened headquarters in London UK.

LA Riot Survivor Records (London UK – Rome Italy).
Anthony Drago Label manager
Maria Teresa Bovino art director
Beppe Volpini video production
Francesco Vinci  sound engineering
Carmine De Marco executive assistant / tour manager