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About Us

LA Riot Survivor Records

The Label has been established by Anthony Drago on January 2010 in Rome Italy, following years of music, records and tours in the European scene. Co-founder Big Ricchard has been actively part of the label until 2015. During the late ’80s and early 90’s, Anthony lived and performed in the Hollywood scene eye witness of various events like the Los Angeles Riot in September 1992 and the mutations of the music scenes which sealed the end of the ’80s and the dawn of a new era. Since the start, our commitment led to the publication of good music on CD and Vinyl focusing on production, distribution, promotion management, tours and events.
On March 2015 LA Riot Survivor Records opened an office in London UK. An expanding music family that gathers figures involved in art, music, graphic design, sound production, marketing, photography.

“LA Riot Survivor Records supporting the scene since 2010”.

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