1. Soul Sabotage Dusk 4:12
  2. Age of Intellect Dusk 4:08

The Story

Somewhere in mid-2010 Dusk entered ‘The End of Recordings’ studio in Singapore to realize what was to be a follow up to our previous sessions for the ‘Eastern Assault’ split record with Distrust. Heavy on the uncompromising energy from our heroes Dead Moon, we rehearsed three tracks in various jam rooms through the summer madness of Singapore and then on a night where nothing seemed to be going right, we recorded two originals and a Killing Joke cover.

Dusk with its multiple musical gear shifts was heavily treading the grounds of death trash genre at this time. Nearly a decade later the songs still resonate with unfathomed raw energy and unpretentious power resulting as direct influence from endless Dead Moon devotion and South American death trash we grew up listening to. Halim (Tremor) bashed the rhythms on something that was hardly a drum kit while I plugged my guitar in through an old solid-state. Soul Sabotage and Age of Intellect turned out to be two originals that we ended up not working with all these years. Our lead guitarist at the time Omar recorded leads from his home studio in Calgary staying true to the homage of the ‘Wheels of Confusion’ the opening moments of ‘Age…’ These tracks were meant to rip!

Dusk has come a long way from these sessions moving back to playing our earlier style of doom metal but we certainly hope you can enjoy these tracks and experience the energy it was meant to reverberate! Long live Rock n Roll!


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DUSK- Black Moon Tapes/ LOST RECORDINGS 2010

Release Date : September 7, 2020
Artist : Dusk
Genre : Metal
Catalog ref. : LARSE011020
Format : Digital Download