1. Let me know why FINGERNAILS 2:38
  2. Crazy for blow-jobs FINGERNAILS 2:36
  3. Killed by my hero FINGERNAILS 5:35

The Story

Formed in shady suburbs of Rome in 1981, Fingernails were to become one of the leading forces in the underground metal scene. Since the early days, their music direction is a mix between punk, speed and classic metal considered one of the very early bands worldwide to create the speed metal punk genre, after releasing 4 demos and a song on the compilation “lethal noise” finally released their 1st self-titled album in 1988 considered a cult album of 80’s underground metal.  This helped the band to get a good follow. The band split in 1990 without any performance abroad. Since the reunion in 2004 and the comeback album “hell’n’back” with the four pieces line up the band finally reached the international scene by touring  Italy and Europe until 2014 and releasing many albums on labels from Europe, USA  America Latina. with bands such Misfits. Paul Dianno, Vader, Marduk and many more, followed by productions like the studio album ”Alles Verboten” the live album “Oslo 2012” and the remake of the legendary 1st album “Fingernails 25th anniversary”.

Anthony Drago – vocals /Angus Bidoli – guitars

Big Ricchard – bass / Carlo el Charlo – drums.




Release Date : December 12, 2013
Artist : Fingernails
Catalog ref. : LARSE 122013
Format : CD