1. Suicide Generation Fingernails 3:50
  2. Deadly Bitch Fingernails 2:35
  3. Fun Addiction Fingernails 2:59
  4. Rock 'n' Roll Barbie Fingernails 2:56

The Story

Fingernails “Alles Verboten” masterpiece bestseller of  2012, with 11 killer speed metal punk rock’n’roll, Followed by a 2 year long European Tour. The band is caught at his best. Released on CD  by LA Riot Survivor Records and on Vinyl by High Roller records and LA Riot Survivor records.

Anthony Drago – vocals /Angus Bidoli – guitars

Big Ricchard – bass / Carlo el Charlo, Fabiano Master Bianco – drums.



FINGERNAILS “Alles Verboten”

Release Date : May 20, 2012
Artist : Fingernails
Catalog ref. : LARSE 052012
Format : Vinyl