1. Christ FINGERNAILS 5:25
  2. Destroy Western World FINGERNAILS 3:08
  3. Getting Better FINGERNAILS 4:31
  4. Straight To The Point FINGERNAILS 3:13

The Story

After the comeback album  “Hell’n’ Back” Fingernails released the famous “Destroy Western World” in 2008. Released first on CD  in the USA by Old Metal records in 2007 than in 2009 in Germany by High Roller Records and reissued by LA Riot Survivor records, the album is today considered a classic of underground metal.

Anthony Drago – vocals /Angus Bidoli – guitars, vocals

Big Ricchard – bass / Fab Lucidi – drums.




Release Date : October 10, 2010
Artist : Fingernails
Catalog ref. : LARSE OMR42R
Format : CD