1. Cold Shot Of Water Sister Whiskey 3:59
  2. Memphis Roads Sister Whiskey 4:23
  3. Wine And Roses Ain't The Cure Sister Whiskey 4:41

The Story

Remastered 1991 debut Tape demo with  3 unreleased live tracks recorded at the Troubadour the Gazzarri’s and The Roxy in Hollywood 1992. Released by LA Riot Survivor records in 2012 on vinyl replica CD. Hollywood R’n’R legend Sister Whiskey on top of the L.A. sunset strip scene. In the early ’90s got signed by Warner Bros and in 1993 released the album “liquor & poker”. The band was popular in Los Angeles with sold-out shows and a great follow. 20 years later their original Tape recording “Sister Whiskey”  sold out in 1991. With 3 bonus tracks recorded live at the Gazzarri’s, The Troubadour, and The Roxy in a remastered vinyl replica edition by L.A. Riot Survivor records.

Dennis Duncan – vocals /Tyler Gentile – guitars/Jack Aurora – guitar

Rich Florio – bass / Angie Dunleavy – drums.




Release Date : November 20, 2012
Artist : Sister Whiskey
Catalog ref. : LARSE 112012
Format : CD