1. Register of Embodiments Wounded Not Dead_THE ALCHEMIST 5:04
  2. The Obstacle Is The Way Wounded Not Dead_THE ALCHEMIST 3:56
  3. The Great Illusion Wounded Not Dead_THE ALCHEMIST 5:52

The Story

Wounded Not Dead “The Alchemist” . With their 2nd Album “The Alchemist” Wounded Not Dead carve in stone the “Space Death Fusion” music
genre. The band from London has developed a unique style. Love it or leave it, this is something different from any Death Metal group you have ever heard.
Thiago, Rimon and Adriano take the listener to an uncommon path. A powerful and visionary sound comparable to a spaceship taking off to the stratosphere. The famous keyboardist/ Misstiq pianist features on the tracks “The Omega Part 1” and “The Omega Part 2”.

CD: OUT 10/5/2023 Pre-order at www.lariotsurvivor.com from 20/4/2023.  Digital Album available on all digital platforms. Catalog number: CD LARSE 0223

Thiago Carvalho – Vocals, Guitars/ Rimon Jaoude – Bass, synthesizers/ Adriano Ferraro – Drums/ featuring Misstiq – keyboards, piano.



Release Date : April 20, 2023
Catalog ref. : LARSE0223
Format : CD